Monogram bags are everywhere, yet highly discussed! Some people love it and others prefer more discreet bags. Fact is, only a few luxury labels can actually balance the narrow ridge of monogram bags. There is a fine line: to be considered as luxurious and not as pretentious. Yves Saint Laurent (or Saint Laurent Paris as they are called since 2012) has managed to do just that: The label stands for high-quality materials and elegant design while putting the monogram or logo in the foreground. You will never be able to find a design without their name in the center of attention.

The perfect example: the YSL Monogram Leather Clutch. We immediately fell in love with this monogram masterpiece, which is characterized by the structured leather and the elaborate processing technique.

The YSL Monogram Clutches are the epitome of elegance and class; each one of us would like to have one. If you have one, you certainly do not have to pay attention to a stylish appearance, it’s all taking care of with the bag! And instead your outfit can be a bit wilder! With a Monogram Bag like the YSL Clutch in a bright color you have the perfect companion for the summer - whether for romantic first dates, sunny colorful brunch appointments with the sweethearts or city day trips with the girls, for Sundays or hot summer nights: Let life be colorful! And so is your YSL clutch – a real eye-catcher!